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Anyone Want to Go Out With Long Island’s Unmatchable Man?

Are you beautiful, thin, smart, Jewish, with a sense of humor, and from New York — but not an “alpha”? Larry Greenfield, 47, of Plainview, Long Island, would like to meet you. 

A former securities trader, Greenfield has spent more than $65,000 in the last twelve years on high-end matchmaking services that he tells the New York Post are a “rip-off.” Matchmakers like Barbie Adler, Maureen Tara Nelson (pictured), and Lisa Clampitt, he complained, set him up with some 250 unsatisfactory women, including a Knicks dancer, “West Village girls who were too artsy,” and a woman whose looks were “terrible.” Understandably, many have dropped Greenfield as a client and say his standards are too high. “I’m battling successful alphas, driven women who are very comfortable in their lives, and I get left in the dust,” Greenfield said. “My job right now is meeting a girl.” As for Greenfield’s credentials, beyond his apparent wealth, he offered, “I’m not a bad guy. I haven’t been to prison.”

Anyone Want to Go Out With the Unmatchable Man?