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Teen Vogue to Judd Apatow, ‘RSVP, Maybe Please?’

Photo: Russ Elliot/Corbis

Like any proud parent, Judd Apatow knows a Kodak Moment when he sees one — he brought his camera to Teen Vogue’s Young Hollywood shindig last week to snap a few photos of his daughter Maude on the red carpet. But when he tried to join the party, he was denied entry, for being, as “Page Six” confirms, “obviously over the Teen Vogue age limit of teens and 20-somethings.” (Maude’s mom, actress Leslie Mann, made the cut, which is understandable.) Eventually a publicist recognized the director, and only then did the ageist velvet ropes part; once inside, Papa Apatow probably proceeded to horribly embarrass Maude and all of the cool kids without chaperones were like “totes LOL” or whatever it is young people say these days.