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Lunchtime Beauty Q&A: How Can I Treat Back Acne?

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Q: Why at 30 am I getting back acne? Do clarifying sprays really work?

A: First off, bacne is a terrible word. And, unfortunately, there are no new medical explanations for why you’d get zits on your back starting now. Just like the ones that appear on your face, they crop up due to your body’s natural changes in hormone levels, clogged pores, or an overproduction of sebum. The trouble with treating bacne is that the skin on the back is thicker, so it’s harder to get deep into the pores and eliminate these pimples. “Clarifying sprays, like the one from Murad, do actually work,” says Jeffrey Benabio, M.D., a San Diego–based dermatologist. “Salicylic acid is the active ingredient that makes them effective, but another good over-the-counter treatment is benzoyl peroxide.” Keep in mind that peroxide is the same ingredient that once turned your hair and jeans that shade of ultra-white that seemed cool then, but looks oh-so-questionable now. The same will happen to any sheets, towels, or T-shirts your back might come in contact with after applying a lotion or gel, so let it dry first.

Beauty Q&A: How Can I Treat Back Acne?