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Both Amy Adams and Cameron Diaz Wore Mustard to LACMA’s Gala

Photo: Frank Trapper/© Corbis. All Rights Reserved.

While New Yorkers battened down the hatches this weekend, Anna Wintour fled to safety in California and attended LACMA’s Art + Film Gala in a fresh new Rochas dress. She’s probably stranded there now, perhaps bunking up with one of her fellow guests (Cameron Diaz, maybe?) and watching the Weather Channel in inside-out socks with a cup of tea. (Or not.) Anyway, lots of other famous people attended the gala, too, where they wore fancy clothes and guffawed about how ghastly it must be to live in New York. Click through our slideshow to see dark-haired Karlie Kloss, Florence Welch in violet, and both Diaz and Amy Adams in the same shade of Grey Poupon.

Both Amy Adams and Cameron Diaz Wore Mustard