Camo-Clad Groom Levi Johnston: ‘To Have and to Hold, Whatever You Say’

Photo: Derek Storm/Splash News

At his wedding this past weekend, Levi Johnston kept his vows casual: “to have and to hold, whatever you say,” continuing, “till death do us yadda yadda, let’s get to the reception because I’d like some cake.” (Not really.) Inside Edition also reports that he was “clad in a Hugo Boss red label tuxedo accessorized with a camouflage vest and bow tie [and] is said to have sweated profusely during the event.” Levi’s bride Sunny Oglesby, in a strapless white meringue of a gown, presumably kept her perspiration under control; baby daughter Breeze Beretta wore pink because she’s already just so on trend.

Camo-Clad Levi: ‘To Have and to Hold, Whatever’