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Crispello, Chocolate Bar for Women, to Save Candy Industry

U.K. confectioner Cadbury will launch a new chocolate bar just for women called Crispello on October 8, reports the Guardian. One might think that all chocolate is just for women, what with Cathy and PMS and everything, but a 6.6 percent slump in the £800 million chocolate-bar market attributed to women is at the root of this innovative new treat. But how is Crispello different than, say, Yorkie, the British chocolate bar that’s “not for girls,” or Snickers, the eating of which is akin to pledging a fraternity? (“It doesn’t have nuts,” notes Cut Sally.) Crispello has only 165 calories split up over three resealable packages so that women can treat themselves to a little at a time — or share with their cycle-synced sisters or whatevs.

Chocolate Bar for Women to Save Candy Industry