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Closet Tour: Anna Sui Shows Off Her Elizabeth Taylor Caftan, Go-To Jackets, and More

Anna Sui’s closet looks exactly like you want it to: There are shiny black wooden floors, antique mirrors, swirly black-and-white wallpaper, and racks upon racks of meticulously organized clothing. She stores all of her shoes — including countless pairs of black boots — in black boxes labeled with Polaroid pictures, and lines up her colorful bags in neat rows. But best of all is her collection of flowy caftans, the cornerstone of her signature look. “They’re fun to wear, but they’re also very comfortable,” she says. Journey with us through her closet to see what she bought at the Elizabeth Taylor auction, the dress she wore to collect her lifetime achievement award at the CFDAs, and what she wears to get inspired.

Closet Tour: Anna Sui’s Elizabeth Taylor Caftan