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Peter Cook’s Wife Embarks on Eat, Pray, Love Tour Because of ‘Black Cloud of Christie Brinkley’s Hate’

In today’s Post, Suzanne Shaw (whom you might remember from June’s Cook-Brinkley custody settlement) explains that she (apparently) peaced out of America not because Cook cheated on her, but because of inclement weather — specifically, the aforementioned cloud “that has hung over our lives for the five years I have been with Peter, and has taken an unhappy toll on me and my daughter’s life — on all our lives. I needed a break.” She added that Brinkley is “finding more ways to interfere with Peter’s life — continuing what can only aptly be named the sad battles of Christie Brinkley. I left the country to get away from Christie, not my husband.” Shaw’s first stop: Bali. Sure, she’s not following Elizabeth Gilbert’s exact order, but Indonesia’s lovely this time of year.

Cook’s Wife Embarks on Eat, Pray, Love Tour