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Didn’t Take Mitt Romney for a Veggie Burger Guy [Updated]

Photo: DGJackson/Twitter

Barack Obama may be the arugula-muncher in this election, but it was Mitt Romney who selected a “crisp quinoa burger” for his pre-debate meal yesterday. “For lunch, Romney had a veggie burger, Cajun-spiced fries and a vanilla milkshake from a nearby Burger Fi restaurant,” the AP reports. The president and the First Lady had steak and potatoes, “the same meal they shared before the second presidential debate.”

UPDATE: A representative from BurgerFi has written the Cut to say that Romney had dinner at BurgerFi the night before this photo was taken as well. He had a veggie burger then too, but skipped the bun, opting for the lettuce-wrapped “green style.” And that they’ll be opening a restaurant in New York City in January.

Didn’t Take Mitt Romney for a Veggie Burger Guy