To Discuss: Jennifer Aniston’s Enormous Engagement Ring

Jennifer Aniston and the ring.
Jennifer Aniston and the ring. Photo: Jason Thomas/FilmMagic

On this quasi-holiday Monday, photos of Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring have surfaced online, leading to a long discussion in the Cut chatroom about how bizarrely huge it is. So huge, in fact, that we’re having some trouble believing that it’s a diamond, or that it’s even a serious ring at all. You can read our discussion of the rock below; feel free to weigh in.

Ally Betker: Guys, have we seen Jennifer Aniston’s ring yet? I’m getting them all confused.
Sally Holmes: Now that is a RING. Like a Pretty Pretty Princess game piece ring.

Christina Han: It looks like sea glass.
Maureen O’Connor: That CAN’T be a diamond. That is literal ice, and it’s going to melt in the sun. Or it’s a vanilla ring pop. 
Diana Tsui: Let’s compare to Blake Lively’s.
Sally Holmes: Oh, Jen’s is definitely bigger.
Diana Tsui: Is it bigger than Kim Kardashian’s? Hers was twenty carats.
Charlotte Cowles: It’s comparable in size, at least.
Maureen O’Connor: I don’t think that’s a diamond. Jen isn’t flashy like that. 
Sally Holmes: I’m telling you, it’s a mood ring and it symbolizes their zen-style love.
Diana Tsui: How do you even go about normal activities with that ring? You’d dunk it in your food.
Sally Holmes: “Can you open the toothpaste for me? My ring is too heavy.”
Charlotte Cowles: Remember when we thought her ring had no rock on it at all? OH HOW WRONG WE WERE. 
Charlotte Cowles: Now we know why she needs to hide it: She’s not being modest, she’s just trying to protect people’s faces from it.
Stella Bugbee: I just found a twenty-carat ring on eBay. Do you think it’s real? It’s $4,595.
Christina Han: That’s definitely a blood diamond. Don’t buy it.

To Discuss: Jennifer Aniston’s Engagement Ring