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Donatella Versace Matches Her Home to Her Stores

Photo: Jason Winslow/Splash News

Today at the opening for Versace’s new Soho store, Donatella said she was so taken with the interior, it’s inspired her to redecorate her whole house. “I didn’t expect to like it so much,” she told the Cut, gesturing to surprisingly spare plexiglass walls and movable gold displays. “I am redoing my home, with floors like this,” she added, indicating the concrete that surrounded Versace’s signature Byzantine mosaics. “When I start to do Soho, I felt to do something in my house. So all the furniture, I am changing. I am going like this. You know, life is about changing over time, especially fashion. It’s about don’t fall in love with what you know. Get out of your comfort zone. That’s what I’m feeling right now.”

Later, we ran into Christopher Kane, who was at the store to show off a selection of gifts he designed for the store. Nearby, we spied a Versace tracksuit* so we asked him, would Donatella wear that? “I mean, it’s practical,” he said. “She is a very practical, down-to-earth person.” 

*This post has been reflected to mention that the tracksuit is Versace mainline, not from Christopher Kane’s Versus collection.

Donatella Versace Matches Her Home to Her Stores