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Exploding Butter Spooks Ann Romney’s Security on GMA

Ann Romney made a very eventful appearance on Good Morning America today. 

1. Caught a football. (Possible use of camera trick.)

2. Burned her famous Welsh cakes. (GMA studio’s fault.)

3. Wore red and pink (Just like Mitt likes).

4. Asked an informed question about Dancing With the Stars: All Stars. (Likely use of cheat sheet.)

5. Nuzzled a horse. (“[Horses] are a gift from God, the way I look at it. They’re a partner in life’s journey.”)

6. Nearly got burned by Stanley Tucci’s exploding butter (causing her security guard to leap into action off-camera).

7. Compared it to the time her plane caught on fire. (Media exposure is known to lead to mild paranoia.)

Exploding Butter Spooks Ann Romney on GMA