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Fantasy-Bra Alumnae Don’t Get a Free Pass

Photo: Nancy Kaszerman/Corbis

Last night at the Fashion Group’s Night of Stars, we spotted the Victoria’s Secret model and hoped to find out what she was going to be wearing for the upcoming lingerie runway show. But even though Alessandra Ambrosio has already been assigned the special spot, Ebanks had no idea if she’d even be walking. “I’m not sure yet,” she told the Cut, “because I have to audition like everybody else.” No matter that she’s actually worn the gazillion-dollar bra in 2007 (along with a thong and Christmas-tree-frond cape) or that she’s a regular catalogue angel. That’s just the process. But she didn’t seem too nervous: “Things are better when you have to fight for them,” she added, then walked away before explaining what kind of audition this even was.