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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Conjoined Twins Sex

Less than a month after the finale of TLC’s Abby & Brittany, someone has acknowledged your secret, prurient questions about the romantic lives of conjoined twins, if not answered them. The Atlantic’s Alice Dreger traces the history of non-conjoined people’s fascination with conjoined sexuality, and points out that our discomfort is one of the top reasons conjoined twins undergo risky separation surgeries at birth. “In 2002, as soon as he had made the cut separating two little girls joined at the head, the neurosurgeon involved paused to announce to the assembled medical team, ‘We now have two weddings to go to,’” she writes. Meanwhile, conjoined twins describe their natural condition as “something like being attached to a soul mate.” Ugh. Really makes you feel bad for even asking.

Finally, A Conjoined Twins Sex Explainer