From Blog to Brawn: Perez Hilton’s Style Evolution

Photo: Corbis, Getty Images, Getty Images

Blogger Perez Hilton, best known for his love of scathing gossip and talent for drawing penises on celebrities’ faces, has announced his latest transformation in a New York Times “Style” profile: the lovable geek. “’I resolved I must be kind!’ Mr. Hilton sang (none too convincingly),” the Times reports. 

The professional transformation is accompanied by a remarkable physical one. As a large guy at the beginning of his career, Perez went for some rather ill-fitting suits and jeans, started dabbling in hair dye, and wore a lot of novelty tees displaying apt messages like “Hot Mess.” As he became more and more photographed, Perez didn’t shy away from his larger-than-life outfits, but started to wear his plaids and pastels in a more put-together, thought-out way. Oh, he also lost a ton of weight. Click ahead to see Perez Hilton’s style evolution, from emo hate-blogger to wacky cable TV personality to bespectacled geek.

From Blog to Brawn: Perez Hilton Style Evolution