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So, How Was Kanye West’s Time at Paris Fashion Week?

Photo: KCS / Splash News

While Kim Kardashian spent her week wearing dubious animal-print caftans down in Miami, Kanye West had higher fashion plans. Though he didn’t present a collection himself this season, he kept busy at Paris Fashion Week attending shows like Chanel and Givenchy; as the Daily News reports, he flew solo to protect “his reputation.” (And so reportedly RSVP’d to shows without a plus one, which is a shame because I was free on a couple of occasions and would have been happy to fill a seat NEXT TO BAPTISTE.) Although West was photographed with the nonchalant facial expression that’s become his trademark, we tried our best to interpret how exactly his Fashion Week was going. Click through our slideshow and see if you think we have it right.

Photo: MCCFL / Splash News

Tuesday, September 27: at his hotel in Paris.

A casual wave to photographers and/or fans says everything’s fine and dandy.

Photo: Stephane Cardinale/Corbis

Friday, September 28: at Christian Dior.

Looking a little grumpy — perhaps someone else chose the same high-tops. Okay, unlikely, but still.

Photo: Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/Getty Images

Sunday, September 30: at Givenchy.

And still wary that someone else is in the high-tops. (Which is what happens when you wear basically the same outfit twice.)

Photo: Marc Ausset-Lacroix/Getty Images

Sunday, September 30: at the Givenchy after-party.

Quiet rage — definitely someone else with the high-tops.

Photo: KCS / Splash News

Wednesday, October 3: at Chanel

At Chanel, in the presence of a model: thus, happy. 

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Wednesday, October 3: at Mac & Carine Roitfeld’s Le Bal party. 

Who knows really — this is a poker face.

So, How Was Kanye’s Time at Paris Fashion Week?