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Hurricane Housebound? Seven Beauty Tricks to Teach Yourself via YouTube

If you’re stuck at home, tired of watching Frankenstorm coverage, and not blogging or otherwise working, here’s a solution for impending boredom: Master the hair, makeup, and nail looks that enterprising young YouTube members spend hours filming and uploading. For hair, you’ve got plenty of options to conquer braids, twists, and knots, even if you’ve got wet hair from errands or can’t use heat styling tools once the power goes out. With makeup, YouTube star Lauren Luke gives a step-by-step tutorial for extreme cat-eye makeup that’s plenty fun, but you won’t want to leave the house wearing. Below, watch seven of our favorite clips, perfect for when you need a break from the Doppler radar.

“Five Styles for Wet Hair in Under 10 Minutes.” If you need to go outside for anything, this will fix the drowned rat situation.

“No Heat Everyday Hairstyles.” For when the power cuts off. You and your housemates can also have hair-braiding races.

“Rihanna and Angelina Jolie Cat Eyeliner Eye Makeup Tutorial.” For when you’re so bored, you start taking Instagram self-portraits.

“Simple Fall Look.” Because if anyone is a YouTube makeup expert, it’s this 7-year-old.

“How I Contour and Highlight.” It will actually take hours to sculpt your face as well as Kim Kardashian and the drag queens.

“A Beautiful Rainy Day Nail Art Tutorial.” The only time to actually try this.

“Effie Trinket Nail Art.” Because if you’re starting to run low on your wine food supply, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Hurricane Housebound? 7 Beauty Tricks to Try