Iconic Style Moments From Five Years of Gossip Girl


The sixth and last season of Gossip Girl — a.k.a. The Greatest Show of Our Time — premieres tonight, and so much has changed since it began five seasons ago: Taylor Momsen hadn’t yet discovered eyeliner, hair extensions, or crotch-skimming outfits; Ed Westwick spoke in a volume greater than a husky whisper; and Blake Lively was just that Traveling Pants girl with all that hair. But more than that, it was the first show since Sex and the City to whip us all into a frenzy over its wardrobe. You may not remember any plot intricacies beyond the endless Chuck-and-Blair tango and a bunch of absurd text blasts, but you’ll never forget those bastardized private-school uniforms, the endless masquerade balls, and Chuck Bass’s hilarious athletic onesie. As the show prepares to go out in what we pray is a blaze of sartorial glory — by which we mean madness — we’ve picked the most memorable Gossip Girl fashion moments from the last five years.

Iconic Style Moments From 5 Years of Gossip Girl