Independent Female Voters Choose Diet Sierra Mist

In their quadrennial quest to anatomize the undecided voter, pollsters have taken to classifying the different kinds of undecided female voters on the basis of, what else, their shopping habits. First, a Republican polling group landed upon the term “Walmart Moms.” A close cousin of the valuable “waitress mom” demographic—working class, non-college-educated mothers—the Walmart Mom is any woman who has shopped at Walmart in the past month and has children under 18. Walmart is totally on board, naturally, sponsoring studies of how so-called Walmart Moms reacted to the debates. But according to the latest New York Times story on the coveted and elusive independent women’s vote, “a higher percentage of independent female voters was likely to be found at Lord & Taylor, T.J. Maxx and Macy’s.” More fun facts about independent female voters: They watch daytime soaps, their preferred soda is Diet Sierra Mist, and “their preference in wine is, fittingly, rosé.” Fittingly rosé? I love this goofy demographic data as much as the next smugly decided voter, but you leave rosé out of this, pollsters!

Independent Female Voters Pick Diet Sierra Mist