the karl of it all

Karl Lagerfeld, Visibly Uncomfortable J. Lo Appear on German TV Show

The pair stopped by Wetten, Dass .. ? on Saturday, and while Karl held court (he’s a regular), J. Lo was pretty confused, even pausing to regroup around 1:42 — we’re guessing that the host asked her what Marc Anthony was up to … German, anyone? She also talked about bringing her girl child to last week’s Chanel show, explaining, “I thought it would be a good idea. My daughter loves fashion — she’s 4 years old, but she loves clothes and dressing up, like all little girls. And so I thought, Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to take her to the beautiful Chanel show? It’s always so beautiful, kind of like of like a fantasy life. And I hadn’t been to a fashion show in a long time, and when I got there, I forgot that the press can kind of just run up to you. I was like, Ahhh! What do I do?

Come on, Jenny — the paps just wanted a few pics of Emme’s $2,410 worth of accessories, of which Lopez said, “She had a little Chanel bag that they gave her, and a little Chanel pin that they lent us,” and Shocked Karl responded, “Lent? They took it back? Oh, that’s horrible!” Karl continues his media tour tonight, this time with Garance Doré in tow, on Canal Plus’s Le Grand Journal — one of those French news programs that involves the hosts and guests shouting over each other, while seated at a conference table.

Karl Lagerfeld, J. Lo Appear on German TV Show