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Kristen Stewart Made It Through Half of Her Balenciaga Live Chat

Though Virginie Mouzat collected more than 5,000 inquiries for the face of Florabotanica, the Le Figaro editor was a little stuck on Stewart’s non-response to what is certainly the Most Important Question of All Time. And so, shit got weird. From around the thirteen-minute mark:

Mouzat: I go back to the question of Sheila in Canada. She was asking what movie could [Florabotanica] be. Can we find, like, a precise movie, so people could visualize what it could be — what Florabotanica could be as a movie?

Stewart: I mean, it’s super Alice in Wonderland-y, I guess. I think I’ve heard Nicolas [Ghesquière] say that.

Mouzat: And in your mind?

Stewart: Hm … yeah. This is actually what my mind looks like inside right now. [Points to set] If you want to take an x-ray, I’m — it’s pumped full of it. Um, I don’t know. I’m not sure. Do you have — what movie do you think it would be? Like an actual movie?

Mouzat: Yeah.

Stewart: I don’t know. I think maybe Alice in Wonderland. I can’t really, uh, I don’t know. My mind isn’t allowing me to go any further with this. I’m, like, intimidated by this question.

Mouzat: So, if it’s Alice in Wonderland, you consider yourself being Alice?

Stewart: Yes, totally.

Mouzat: Okay, good. I think we have all the questions answered.

Stewart really dodged another bullet with her concise, well-articulated reply to how she would have handled the Benghazi attacks.

Kristen Stewart’s Balenciaga Live Chat