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Lady Gaga Reportedly Offered a Role in the Zoolander Sequel

Photo: Splash News

Most British tabloid rumors float provocatively between the sublime and the ridiculous, though rarely any place close to the truth. It’s part of their charm — a pinch of salt for the news, and another pinch to season the fish ‘n’ chips you’re eating while you flick through the paper. But today’s news, courtesy of The Sun, that Gaga herself is in the running for a role in the forthcoming Zoolander sequel, may just be mad enough to make sense. Especially when you consider this look pictured above.

Ben Stiller reportedly offered Gaga $5 million for a juicy part in the movie, and she’s said to be the top name on a list of contenders that’s otherwise all models: Kate Moss, Kate Upton, Heidi Klum, and Adriana Lima. Gaga’s part, should she take it, would be the love interest for both Stiller and Owen Wilson’s male model characters, though we humbly suggest she’d do better as villainous Mugatu’s new sidekick. And she could even have the tiny little guys from her Fame fragrance ads as henchmen. We’ll stop now, before we spoil the whole screenplay.

Lady Gaga Reportedly Cast in Zoolander Sequel