L’Affaire Burch Gets Its Own Serious News Segment

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As promised, Rock Center With Brian Williams aired its Tory Burch story last night, and the designer had several things to say about ex-husband Chris, who is suing her and her company for impeding the running of his own business, C. Wonder, and interfering with his attempts to sell his shares in Tory Burch. She recalled setting up her eponymous brand in 2004, with Chris at her side: “He said, you know, ‘Work on a concept and let’s look at it.’ He had started a company in college and so he had a bit of experience in the industry. He was supportive, but a little trepidatious. He was a little worried, but he thought, Let’s see what you come up with.” Fast forward to present day: Chris has his own fleet of C. Wonder stores stocked with merchandise that might look a bit too much like Tory’s. “I have seen the stuff and some of it is too referential, and I think that he’s going to be changing that,” she told Harry Smith. “And some of it is great, so I think it’s about finding the balance of what is okay with us and what works for him.” Chris declined to be interviewed for the segment, not that he would have gotten a word in edgewise with Smith’s doting — which was sort of adorable, thanks to his striped bow tie.

Affaire Burch Gets Its Own Serious News Segment