the karl of it all

Lagerfeld Suppresses Laughter and/or Vomit on French TV

After appearing on Germany’s Wetten, Dass .. ? over the weekend, Karl Lagerfeld swung by France’s Le Grand Journal last night to chitchat about Chanel’s wind turbines, his many iPods, and, bien sûr, Choupette. An LGJ “fan” told Karl they both share the same passion for cats (though only Choupette has two maids, regular manicures, a spot in bed with the Kaiser, and 20,000 Twitter followers), before introducing the designer to his own pet, Chat Lagerfeld — a gentleman in what looked like part of a bear costume and a diaper. When Chat Lagerfeld greeted everyone, “Miaou à tous,” Karl uttered, “Ooh, la,” oscillating between amused and nauseated (it’s so trendy!) for the remainder of the segment — perhaps reaching the apex of disgust when Chat Lagerfeld called himself a ghetto cat.

Lagerfeld Suppresses Laughter, Vomit on TV