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Lance Armstrong’s Wife Stashed His Drugs in the Fridge

Photo: Jim Smeal/WireImage

The Wall Street Journal’s review of evidence against Lance Armstrong released by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency reveals that the wives and girlfriends (hereafter referred to as “wags”) of the U.S. Postal team members served as a sort of doping den mothers for the cyclists.

The wags traveled and lived with the team throughout Europe during the season, shacking up in a small apartment complex in Girona Spain where, according to one wag, “You can’t go outside without seeing a wife, a rider, a girlfriend, a soigneur, a director, a team car … ” They were all so chummy that everyone knew where the Armstrongs kept their stash of the synthetic blood boosting hormone EPO.

“In a sworn affidavit, former Armstrong teammate Jonathan Vaughters said [Armstrong’s then-wife] Kristin Armstrong referred to the synthetic blood-boosting hormone EPO as ‘butter,’ because the banned drug was kept in the couple’s refrigerator. The code word, according to Vaughters, was used as a precaution against French law enforcement.”

He also said that “Kristin Armstrong wrapped tablets of cortisone, a banned substance, in tin foil and handed them out to riders.” Kind of like how your mom gave out orange slices at your soccer games.

Lance’s Wife Stashed His Drugs in the Fridge