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Lohan’s Choice: Lindsay’s Parental Drama Gets Grim

Photo: Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, the story of Lindsay and Dina’s domestic dispute has taken a dark turn. TMZ has obtained audio from a phone call Lindsay made to her father, Michael Lohan, from the contentious limo ride to Long Island. In it, it sounds like Lindsay is sobbing, worried that her mother will call the cops and get her into more legal trouble, and complaining that her mother is on cocaine and has been asking her for money. Which leaves us, and probably not for the last time, feeling sorry for Lindsay Lohan, who seems to be in something of a parental Sophie’s choice, caught between a rock and a dad who records your panicked late-night phone calls and gives them to TMZ. 

Lohan’s Choice: LiLo’s Parental Drama Gets Grim