Slideshow: Margiela’s Full Collection for H&M; Plus, the Cut’s Words of Wisdom


While Every Fashion Person Ever in the History of Fashion People walked the red carpet at last night’s Maison Martin Margiela for H&M party, some of us ran up nine flights of stairs at 5 Beekman Street (not realizing there was an elevator) to get a first look at the merchandise. Some key observations from your friends at the Cut:

• Things run small, except for the Oversized Peacoat, which is comically huge and currently hanging in one of our closets.
• In fact, coats will probably be the first items to go. If you like prioritizing, head for those racks when you get in the door …
• … then shove your way through the crowd to the Plexi Wedge Pumps and High-Top Sneakers.
• Speaking of, we only saw the High-Top Sneakers in white for the ladies, but both white and red for the guys.
Our best advice: Women should really peruse the menswear — of note: Reversed Denim jeans and the Scarves Sweater.
• But avoid the tan Suit Jacket, because it’s slightly used-car-salesman-y.
• Martin really outdid himself with the accessories. We couldn’t decide between the Watch Belt and the Watch Bracelet.
• Many of the garments are re-editions of old MMM pieces, and that’s neat if you couldn’t originally afford them/are an avant-garde nerd.

Click ahead to see the full collection. Senior market editor Diana Tsui is more than happy to take questions in the comments.

Slideshow: Margiela’s Full Collection for H&M