666 park avenue

That Red McQueen Dress: The Real Star of 666 Park Avenue’s Premiere

Last night, ABC premiered its campy new horror-soap 666 Park Avenue, starring Rachael Taylor, Vanessa Williams, and others inhabiting a fancy Upper East Side apartment building with an evil secret. In the first episode, Taylor’s character Jane Van Veen and her do-gooder husband Henry Martin (played by Dave Annable) get to leave their ratty Queens lifestyle behind when they’re hired by the building’s owner, Gavin Doran (who is literally meant to be the devil incarnate, played by Terry O’Quinn) to manage the premises. Gavin’s wife Olivia (Williams) welcomes the young couple by inviting them to the symphony, even going so far as to purchase Jane a gown for the evening. During their shopping trip, Jane falls for a fiery red dress and is told, “The McQueen, it’s the best dress here.” The dress winds up playing a pivotal role in Jane slipping over to the dark side; after all, fashion can can do crazy things to a person. See Jane and her satanic McQueen dress in our clip.

McQueen Dress: The Real Star of 666 Park Avenue