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More Acting Jobs for Agyness Deyn, Cara Delevingne

Photo: Corbis

Deyn made her acting debut in the recently released Pusher remake — to mostly positive reviews, she played “gritty stripper” Flo, working hard for the money amid a crime-ridden London underground (but not the London Underground, because the platforms aren’t wide enough for poles). The model clearly impressed Pusher’s director Nicolas Winding Refn — he has an original sequel lined up, featuring her character as the lead. While the forthcoming film will deal with Flo “carv[ing] out a new life in Las Vegas,” she’s still presumably a stripper and, well, it’s Las Vegas. So let’s all hope for a Showgirls-esque adventure, just with some Britishisms in play — and with her background in mind, even in-character as Flo we’re sure Deyn will know how to pronounce Versace.

In other model-turned-actress news, Cara Delevingne will also be expanding her IMDB page. With a small but well-received role in this year’s Anna Karenina remake already under her Burberry belt, Delevingne’s made no secret of her plans to jump ship from the catwalk to the big screen when the opportunity arises. One role in the works: a part in actress-turned-director Sadie Frost’s forthcoming film Set the Thames on Fire. Frost tells Grazia her studio is in “early talks” with the model, as “she’s got such an amazing look and such a great energy, [so] she’s perfect.” Well, models usually are.

More Acting Jobs for Deyn, Delevingne