The Most Consistent Haircuts in Fashion World


For famous women like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna, their hair is an ever-changing  game of extensions, dye jobs, and a rotating roster of cuts and wigs. A carefully selected style is chosen for whatever clothes they’re borrowing and wearing. But for fashion’s most famous women (and some men, too), that’s not how it works: You could probably ask a 5-year-old New York kid to draw Anna Wintour’s armor bob. We’re pretty sure Karl Lagerfeld first arrived on this planet with that frosty ponytail. Even the constant sight of Carine or Emmanuelle’s rumpled hair makes us wonder how you say “bed-head” in French. Seeing these cuts is how we know all is right and balanced in Fashion World. So click through to the 25 people whose personal style is solid, but it’s the hair that holds all the power.