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Prospective Buyers on Stella McCartney’s London Apartment: The Bathtub Sucks

Photo: George Chinsee/Corbis

Following her family’s move out to the countryside (a 300-acre estate in Worcestershire; no big deal — Wellington boots at the ready), Stella McCartney is selling her London apartment. Well, she’s trying to. The three-bedroom house in Notting Hill entered the market priced at £2.9 million — around $4.5 million — but recently dropped by £400,000 after a string of snarky reviews from viewers. They found a freestanding bathtub disconcerting and labeled McCartney’s minimalistic style (she’s probably moved her furniture already) “blah and bland,” with one commenter noting “[it’s] one of the blandest fashion designer-owned pads I’ve ever seen. She couldn’t even throw a staged red couch in there or something to give it some life?” Clearly they don’t know red’s not really on trend this season.

Prospective Buyers on McCartney’s Apartment