Raf Simons Shares Many Thoughts on Jackets, None on Hedi Slimane

In his audition reel for Zoolander 2 YouTube interview describing Dior’s spring 2013 collection, Simons explains, “The main idea was about freedom, but also sensuality, sexuality, the future, the modern, movement.” He adds: “I think another important item for the collection is the item that is difficult to define — it’s kind of like a new jacket, one could say, or it’s kind of like a jacket-dress, or is it a dress, or is it a jacket coat? One cannot really say it. And I have a lot of reaction in the backstage on that, because they all find it new, and they want to define it, but you can’t define it, and that was exactly my aim — to try to find a new piece for the house also. If it needs to be defined, I like the word jacketdress, but it’s one piece. I offer the freedom to wear it as a dress, without any other piece, but you can as well wear it with long pants or shorts or a long skirt or short skirt, so then you create a deux pièces look. So I think it’s a very interesting item to build on also in the future for this house, to create a code and to create a kind of aesthetic that will be recognizable in the streets, and what I did on purpose is I really wanted them all like jackets so they all close in the front and you easily take it [off] and on, and you can also wear them open. So if you would just have a like sweater or a shirt and pants with jacket, you would have a jacket, there was a new look I think.” We get it; we, too, are jacket enthusiasts.

Raf Simons Shares Many Thoughts on Jackets