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Sarah Palin’s Hollywood Makeover: Frosted Lips, Hair


Migrating south from her native tundra to the relative tropics of L.A., Sarah Palin shed her news anchor hairdo and pundit power suit. After a period of intense metamorphosis described as “shopping with her daughter Willow … facials and manicures at a nail salon, shopped at Kmart, and stopped for some lunch at KFC,” she emerged, “noticeably thinner & different.”

To emulate the native garb of Hollywood moms (Tish Cyrus, Dina Lohan) she strapped on a pair of sky-high wedges and arranged her hair in a “messy updo.” Her layered tees fell off her shoulder. She stroked the seat of her ornate jeans. She parted her pink-frosted lips and she smiled.

Sarah Palin’s Hollywood Makeover: Frosted Lips