Schwarzenegger: Affair ‘Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done’

As he continues to promote his new memoir, Total Recall, on Good Morning America this morning, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called his affair with maid Mildred Baena the worst thing he’s ever done.

George Stephanopoulos offered the Governator a lifesaver, asking him if he might mean the worst “secret.” One wouldn’t want a 14-year-old boy to think his existence was Dad’s biggest mistake. (And surely one of those alleged, unwelcome gropes would count up there?) Anyway, Arnie held his ground: “Not just the worst secret, the worst thing.”

He redeemed himself slightly by saying that he didn’t fire Baena after their affair because he didn’t want to punish her for his misconduct. Then he gave a very lukewarm affirmation of his responsibility to his son with Baena, Joseph.

“I look at him as a son,” Schwarzenegger said. “I will take care of him financially.”

He added that he wants to get his (real) family with Maria Shriver back together again.

Schwarzenegger: Affair Was ‘Disastrous’