Ten Street-Styling Tricks We Learned From Fashion Week

Photo: Victoria Adamson

If you’ve ever looked at a street style gallery during fashion week you’re familiar with the stampede of showgoers dressed to the nines in their recognizable luxury items. It can be easy to dismiss these looks as just a bunch of well-heeled editors with access to super-expensive items. After all, how hard is it to make something look great when you’re wearing head-to-toe Prada? But through the course of flipping through thousands of images, we’ve realized that there are subtle style cues, that when isolated, can work for anyone with any wardrobe. What is the best way to hem your wide-leg trousers? How do you wear prints with prints? How do you get more mileage out of that favorite sequined skirt? Click on to see all ten tricks.

Ten Street-Styling Tricks From Fashion Week