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Exclusive: 8-Year-Old Anna Dello Russo Celebrates the New Coveteur

To announce today’s relaunch of everyone’s preferred place to ogle fashion people’s clothes and domiciles, the Coveteur enlisted a handful of child actors to play the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Kimye, Grace Coddington, and Anna Dello Russo. Tiny ADR’s performance is truly spot-on, since only a child (and/or the Vogue Japan editor) can get away with saying things like, “I am having a fashion shower,” and, “Everything is fashion, darling,” and “Ciao!” So, what can we expect from the New and Improved Coveteur? Twice as many photos and videos, a “Closet” feature for collecting and sharing images, and a “Get the Look” e-commerce function. A press release adds: The site’s “social followers have tripled over the past six months and since the site launched in January 2011, there have been over five million visits. The company’s newsletter followers have grown three-fold over the past six months.” Congrats, darlings!

Tiny Anna Dello Russo Celebrates New Coveteur