trapped in the macy's

Tracy Morgan: Big Believer in the Magic of Macy’s

Photo: Courtesy of Hilary Moss

The Post writes that Morgan, recently wedged in the Herald Square elevators — surrounded by baby strollers and those humans who push them around — began to “complain loudly, but with some good humor, about people who bring their kids to stores.” It quickly became less amusing, and, “One woman chided him for his comments, telling him she’d be looking out for him when he exited at his floor, and he turned around and put his hands to his eyes like, I’ll be watching you too.” And he will be. This writer ran into Tracy two years ago by the Nautica Polo shirts on the 114th floor; however, he was a perfect gentleman, making polite conversation about tube socks, and even agreeing to pose for a photo (left). He’s probably been trying to find his way out since 2010 — give the guy a break.

Tracy Morgan: Believer in the Magic of Macy’s