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Woman’s Virginity Worth 250 Times More Than Man’s


Bidding closed at $780,000 for a 20-year-old Brazilian Catarina Migliorini’s virginity this morning, the Daily News reports. The online auction was part of an Australian filmmaker Justin Sisely’s documentary about, well, virgins auctioning off their virginity. Migliorini, a virgin and student who answered one of Sisley’s advertisments, plans on using the anonymous Japanese bidder’s money to build low-income housing in her home state. Or does she? At any rate, if any other virgins out there would like to take their bullshit, patriarchal construct of a V-card to the bank, keep in mind that in the budding ancient business of virginity sales it pays to be a woman. As part of the same project, a man’s virginity was auctioned off, bringing in a relatively meager $3,000. Even better, virginity auctioneers are not required to give the money to their dad or have the guy’s children.

Woman’s Virginity Worth 250 Times Man’s