Twenty-Four Reasons to Dress Like the Dead Poets Society

Photo: Buena Vista Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

Everyone has seen Dead Poets Society*. We all watched it freshman year of high school when our English teachers needed to grade papers or had a headache. And then maybe we watched it again. (Sophomore year of college, when fall was turning into winter and the air made us a little nostalgic.) Recite the line “O Captain! My Captain!” at a bar and some guy who’s ten beers deep will know where you’re coming from. So many scenes from this film resonate, but it’s the characters’ style that’s even more memorable: the sharp navy blazers, the letterman jackets, the loafers. The ties! Knox Overstreet’s entire wardrobe and his love interest’s mohair sweaters. It’s not fashion, exactly, but style — not new or sexy or exciting, really, but indelible in how great it looks. To see what we mean, click through for 24 ways to add borrowed-from-the-(boarding school)-boys basics into your life for the coming months. They’re classics that you’ll re-wear, reread, and, in one case, drink over and over again.

*If you haven’t seen the movie, get on it.

24 Reasons to Dress Like the Dead Poets Society