Twenty-Six Sunglasses for a Brighter Winter Ahead


Sunglasses can complete an outfit, change our attitude, and make us an entirely new person. They’re like a mask in that regard, but instead of hiding behind them (save for those hung-over mornings), they help us walk taller and more confidently. We strut behind them. Flirt behind them. And altogether rely on them — even when summer days spent at the beach feel long gone. We can have our Olsen Anonymous moment with small round lenses, and then go Iris Apfel–glam with large ones. There are aviators for those days when we’re feeling tomboyish, and cat eyes when we need some sex appeal. So with winter nearing (watch for the glare of white snow), party looks to assemble, and wish lists beginning, here are 26 perfect shades to help you accessorize all of your personas, mood swings, and upcoming social endeavors.

26 Sunglasses for a Brighter Winter Ahead