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Alexandra Shulman Loves a White Stiletto for Its ‘Hint of Bad Taste’

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

British Vogue’s editor proclaims: “In my opinion, a light-coloured shoe is too obvious in the summer. They become more desirable in the autumn, when white leather carries a whiff of rebellion into the short days, an all-important insouciance about the wind, rain and the dark nights ahead. Of course, for years white shoes have suffered a bad press. But it’s the hint of bad taste that is an intrinsic part of their charm … [and] who cares if they are seen as bad taste by less adventurous types? How dull would it be to have to stick to black court shoes, sensible loafers and ballerina pumps?” Rules? What rules?

Alexandra Shulman Loves a Good White Stiletto