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Bynes’s Alleged Election-Night Look: ‘I Will Knife You’

Photo: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office

According to the Post, Bynes “appeared” in a 24-hour nail salon early Wednesday morning, where Janelle Snowden, of VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live, was also getting a manicure. A source told the paper: “Janelle was trying to make small talk with Amanda because it was election night, an exciting night, and also it was like, ‘How awkward, there are so few people in this place in the middle of the night,’” but Bynes “shot her a look like, ‘If you speak with me one more time, I will knife you.’” (So. Much. Innuendo.) Cut verdict: Bynes wins! Who wants to talk to a VH1 reporter in a salon after midnight, much less anyone, anywhere, ever?

Bynes’s Election-Night Look: ‘I Will Knife You’