best bets

Best Bet: The Reformation Crewneck Sweatshirt

We’ve all had those mornings where you roll — actually roll, because you can’t bear the thought of standing — off your bed. You slug your way to the bathroom, brush your teeth with slothlike movement, and then stab yourself in the eye 200 times because your contacts won’t go in. The mere thought of putting on clothes is basically impossible. How can you be expected to button a shirt in this state? Or force your head through a fussy sweater’s tiny neck hole? You can’t. Enter: the Reformation’s Standard Crew Sweatshirt, impossibly soft and completely effortless. Go ahead, pull it over your pajama shirt. No bra? No worries. At least you’ll look good.

The Reformation Standard Crew Sweatshirt, $65

(P.S., Ten percent of The Reformation’s proceeds will go to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts until November 8th.)