Best of Grace Coddington’s Vogue ‘Twitter Takeover’ This Afternoon

Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images

After taking over Vogue’s official Twitter feed for a whole hour this afternoon, Grace Coddington treated herself to a vodka tonic. Creative directors, they’re just like the rest of us! Despite worrying she might swear or otherwise “screw things up,” Coddington gamely engaged an army of question-bearing fans and tweeted at a rate of nearly one answer per minute, signing each of her replies with a little “-GC.” 

She’s team Gosling, of course, loves camomile tea, and her favorite New York restaurant is Cafe Un, Deux, Trois — not that she’ll ever be able to eat there again without being shamed by erstwhile admirers for not switching fries out for the side salad. Her beauty routine? “Soap and water.” Can some random Twitter user braid her hair? “[No], that sounds creepy.” Even a veritable Sophie’s Choice didn’t stump her — asked whether she’d save Anna Wintour or her cats from a fire at Vogue’s offices, Coddington noted, “Anna’s pretty slim and both cats are small, so I think I could save them all.” 

Meanwhile Nicola Formichetti took questions on Reddit and, among other things, helpfully clarified that Gaga’s meat dress included no bacon. Bummer. 

Best of Grace Coddington’s ‘Twitter Takeover’