Brian Williams Coins Term ‘Air Force One Jacket Envy’

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Last night’s “Rock Bottom” segment on Rock Center with Brian Williams “features something we’ve noticed about so many elected officials these days: They suddenly all have official jackets.” Williams says, “Let’s call it what it really is — it’s Air Force One Jacket Envy. Being president comes with a lot of things. In addition to all the worries of the free world, there’s also a lot of stuff: the White House, the limousine, or the tricked-out SUV — which even follows you when you walk — and then there’s the plane, and not one, but two jackets: the traditional blue number with the presidential seal and the leather one that says ‘commander-in-chief,’ just to clear up any confusion. So if you’re anyone else but the president, you’re at an instant garment disadvantage.” Garment disadvantage? Tricked-out? Stuff (JOE BIDEN–WINK!)? You had me at hello! So who, exactly, has Air Force One Jacket Envy? Schwarzenegger, Andrew Cuomo, Cory Booker, the NYPD’s Ray Kelly, and Chris Christie — who compensates with a personalized fleece and matching yarmulke.

Brian Williams on ‘Air Force One Jacket Envy’