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Confirmed: Men Take Up Too Much Space on Planes

Photo: Zero Creatives/Corbis

Now that election season’s over, we can get back to thinking about the feminist issues that truly captivate and enrage us, like that thing where men take up way more than their share of the space on airplanes, trains, and especially on subways, typically by spreading their legs wider than their shoulders, effectively colonizing an extra seat for their balls.

The Wall Street Journal confirmed, after numerous interviews with flight crews, airline employees, and frequent fliers, that on planes, “women shrink and curl up in seats to avoid contact with strangers,” while “men spread out and take up leg room — and the arm rest.” As one frequent flier told the Journal, “I think men just feel entitled and don’t notice. They are oblivious.” She added that she doesn’t have a problem kicking if she has to. 

This discourtesy is so pervasive that it even plagues the public transport in feminist-paradise Sweden. Here is ”Macho in Public Transport,” a Swedish blog that publishes stealth photos of men spreading out, and a snarky Vice interview with its founder. 

Confirmed: Men Take Up Too Much Space on Planes