Cozy, Comfortable (and Chic) Thanksgiving Looks


Nothing beats throwing on some stretchy, saggy, baggy pants and tucking into a plate full of turkey with gravy, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. But ratty yoga bottoms aren’t exactly dinner-appropriate, and grandma’s still got that sideward glance she’s honed over the years, so here’s the easiest solution we can think of for Thursday: Wear a bold sweater with a loose-fitting trouser.

With a drawstring or elastic waistband, the pants have all the comforts of your favorite sweats but come in colorful or printed silk for a rare balance of polish and comfort. Contrast them with a slouchy sweater and sleek pumps for a look that lasts from the moment you sit down at the table to that inevitable slump on the couch after dessert is served. We can promise you’ll never feel your waistband dig in as you, uh, dig in. So click ahead to see all ten examples at a full range of prices.