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Five Ways to Re-create a Liz Taylor Beauty Look

Those jet-black curls, lip-pencil-lined pout, and that impeccably drawn cat eye will forever be synonymous with Elizabeth Taylor. Unfortunately, the hair and makeup team behind last night’s showing of Liz & Dick missed some of these beauty signatures. They even forgot to cover up LiLo’s freckles, and Lohan’s own puffed lips and cheeks clearly were best suited for late, White Diamonds–era Liz.

Despite the movie’s failings, we have found solace on (where else?) YouTube. Click through to see how some of the site’s best hair and makeup artists nailed their version of our favorite screen queen. One even managed to pick up her daughter in between powdering her cheeks to peachy perfection. Clearly, that’s better parenting than the original could pull off. 

Above, here’s Liz deftly applying her own heavily lined eye makeup in a scene from The Driver’s Seat.

British makeup artist Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo shows you how to re-create that lip-lined pout, but also how to fake jet-black brow hairs, just like Liz.

Iris shows you how to make Liz-inspired retro curls that are “a little frizzy and untamed.”

Keira Knightley’s makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, delivers more liquid-liner tips, like looking down at a mirror during the application process to get that very thin, lash-hugging line.

Makeup artist Carly of Glitterdollz7 re-creates Cleopatra. This is most believable because she’s also gone the extra mile with a Cleopatra costume. No word yet if Egyptian queens wore orange nail polish.