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Ghesquière Won’t Start a Signature Fashion House, Probably

Photo: Alessandro Lucioni/Imaxtree

WWD asked a series of industry insiders about the Balenciaga designer’s post-exit strategy, and the consensus seems to be that Chez Ghesquière is a no-go. Pierre Mallevays, managing partner of Savigny Partners, told the paper that launching a house would require an investment of €50 million ($63.7 million) over five years, adding, “I don’t see private equity or hedge funds backing (a Ghesquière) brand, because of time horizon and fashion risk.” And Stefano Corneliani, senior analyst at Intermonte SIM in Milan, said, “The market is overcrowded, and one in a thousand succeeds. To build a business from a designer name doesn’t work — it’s the other way around.” Also, Ghesquière? Really hard to spell. Should’ve thought about that before you decided to “part ways.”

Ghesquière Won’t Start a Signature Fashion House