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Givenchy Is Not Collaborating With H&M, Givenchy Says

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

The Internet shit its tuxedo pants with a skirtlike panel on Monday when a Tumblr called Fashion Industry Confessions posted: “Rumours straight from the Givenchy head quarters [sic] have it that they will collaborate with H&M next year.” Sadly, someone straight from Givenchy HQ “denied that it is collaborating with H&M on an affordable collection,” writes British Vogue, while H&M “declined to comment.” But the fast-fashion chain’s creative adviser, Margareta Van Den Bosch, previously told the Telegraph, “We will not have any [collaborations] for spring [2013] … We decided to skip it, as we have had so many this year. So it’ll be something for next November.” Imagine all of the fun pictures that Fashion Industry Confessions can make before then.

Givenchy Is Not Collaborating With H&M